Hitech Sanitation

All businesses can afford a professionally cleaned physical location.

We work with any budget to maximize the effectiveness of your space.

Are you paying too much for your cleaners?

Cleaners sitting around on the job?

They represent inefficient process and labor management.

We're process focused with 20 years of experience cleaning commercial buildings.

We can do it smarter, with more professionalism, and for less money.

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Commercial/Office Janitorial Services

Periodically scheduled and solo cleans available

Standard Office Cleaning includes: 

Trash Removal and Liner Replacement

Vacuum, Wet/Dry Mop, Sweep, Scrub

Internal glass, Conference Room Cleaning

Bathroom Disinfection (Starting at $25 as a separate service)

Surface Dusting

Surface  Disinfection

Affordable Paper Product Management

If we see something dirty, we clean it. Floor, wall, doorjamb, or table.

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